It is terrible when you get bad news regarding your health.  It is not something that most people plan for.  Rarely are we prepared to stop living or have our lives disrupted by a health crisis.   You can plan one thing that is certain.  That is you can plan to take care of your family. It is very expensive in Texas to die without a Will.  It is relatively inexpensive to prepare a Will. Your Last Will and Testament is your last wish that no one can change.  It is your final gift to your family.

 If you die without a Will and Testament, your family will be in chaos after your death.  Many times I have rushed up to a sick person’s bedside to comfort them and prepare a Will for them.  It is much easier and more organized to prepare a Will when you don’t need one.   You can think about any special gifts you want to give someone, you can plan your funeral, and you can save your family a lot of heartache and distress after your death by setting out your thoughts and gifts in a Will.

Another document that is important and easy to prepare is a Medical Directive that gives your agent the power to make health care decisions if you are unable to.  The agent should be a person you trust and that you can share your wishes for prolonging your life.  

Another document is a Statutory Power of Attorney that allows that special person to act as your agent for financial transactions.  This includes the power to sell property, apply for benefits,  handle your banking, deposit your check, and have access to funds to name a few that allows them to financially care for you if you are unable to.

For example, I had a client that suffered a brain injury at work.  The wife could not cash his checks, apply for government assistance or access his medical records.  We had to open an expensive legal guardianship for her to take care of him.

Another client’s wife suffered a stroke.  The husband could not access her bank account or apply for disability because he had no legal authority to do so.

Call me and we can discuss the options that you have before you get sick.  Your family will be very relieved that you did.

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