1. We understand emotion and we can relate emotionally. Divorce is an emotional time and a transitional time that affects many people. In-laws are no longer in-laws, friends may not remain friends, neighbor’s may still be available, but maybe not. All you want to do is “get back to normal.” But Divorce changes everything and everybody. We are counselors, not just attorneys and sometimes that is what can make the difference. Children need emotional support and age appropriate information. We help you emotionally get through that time.
  2. We listen and we understand. This goes along with how we understand emotion. Getting through the loss of a marriage you can experience the stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that we recognize as we get you divorced. We understand that sometimes you simply need someone to listen to WHY you’re upset. We listen and we understand.
  3. Women are detail oriented and multi-taskers. Have you ever argued with a woman? Details in Court can make the difference. We remember details. Men and Women learn early to wear different hats at the same time so we can multi-task all your legal needs. Details. We can juggle all your family law issues from drafting and filing pleadings, enforcement, deeds to transfer property, tracing of assets, we do it all.
  4. We’re approachable. We understand. We will always return your call or email. Technology can be very cost efficient and keeps the communication lines open. Email is simple but sometimes a phone call is needed and we will always be available to return your phone call. Divorce cases move slowly and there are long procedural deadlines and delays. We will always take the time to meet with you and explain the status of your case.
  5. Do’s and Don’ts’s.  As a former registered nurse, I have seen the emotional toll Divorce can take on families. Physical and emotional damage. As an attorney, I have been able to support my client compassionately to minimize the stress by education and openness of the legal process. Education is power and we empower our clients with information to make smart choices for their family. Honesty, integrity and openness. Do feel free to email or call us; Do feel free to speak honestly about your situation; Do listen to your children, they usually have a lot to say. Do give your children age appropriate information. .Do feel like we care because we do. Do follow all court orders. Don’t post on social media your feelings, call us first. Don’t post on any social media pictures during your divorce. Don’t belittle your soon to be ex in front of your children. Don’t discuss the legal battle that is for adult only conversations.. Don’t make unfounded allegations. Don’t drink or use drugs. Don’t put anything in a text you don’t want read in open Court.

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