Most lawyers are honest and only bill you for the time they actually spent on your matter.  But, attorneys make mistakes especially when they have hundreds of cases they are trying to move through a complicated system.  The State Bar of Texas will not get into the middle of a dispute over lawyer fees.

There are a couple of things as clients you can do to make sure  the attorney you hire will be the best and honest and most efficient to resolving your legal matter.

First thing is read your contract.  Make sure that there is a billable amount in your contract for office staff whether it is secretary time or paralegal time.  Usually the bulk of preparing motions, responding to discover and writing letters fall to the administrative staff.

The attorney ethically cannot bill to prepare a document unless the attorney prepared the document.

The second thing is check your statement when you receive it.  I had a client come to me from another attorney that complained that he was billed time for a telephone call on a holiday in which he was not even in the county.  So check your bills. Attorney’s make mistakes but if you talk to your attorney, make a note of it and how much time you spent.  At least you will know that part of the bill is correct.

Pay attention.  It is your destiny.