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The untimely death of a loved one caused by the neglect or carelessness of another has immediate repercussions. If the loved one contributed to the support of the family, the family is suddenly burdened by the grief of the loss compounded by the uncertain future. Will the family be able to survive? If the loved one is a spouse or child, the life of the survivor is irreversibly changed, often with a resignation that life will never again seem as worthwhile or precious.

Cathleen Lockhart has the medical background to successfully represented and help many families obtain the compensation to which they are entitled by analyzing the medical records and hiring qualified medical doctors to testify on your behalf. We’ve seen it all; dental implant complications, infections, bone loss as a result of dental work and other medical malpractice.

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What is recoverable in wrongful death?

In Texas, juries are instructed that they can award damages for the following losses in a wrongful death

  • Loss of financial support that the decedent would have contributed to the family in the future
  • Loss of the love, companionship, comfort, affection, solace, and moral support of the deceased
  • Value of the loss of the household services the deceased would have provided in the future
  • Funeral and burial expenses lost wages pain and suffering medical expenses incurred.

While no legal victory can replace the life of your loved one, the law provides that the surviving heirs may recover for the loss they have endured as a result of the death. These recoveries are recognized in the forms of loss of financial and moral support, loss of services provided by the loved one, loss of companionship, society, love and affection. Cathleen Lockhart will work thoughtfully and closely with wrongful death clients to fully understand and appreciate the magnitude of each loss that has been suffered. The firm can help find counselors to address issues of grief if this is desired. We can assist you to determining if there are insurance benefits available to you and the family.

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