1. Can your lawyer afford representing you?    Lockhart Law Firm has the resources to handle large cases. We have investigators, expert witnesses and cutting edge technology to prepare every case for trial.
  1. Can your lawyer represent you in court?  Some lawyers never go to court.  Lockhart Law Firm prepares every case, from beginning to the end, to fully litigate your case for the best results.
  1. Are you a number in a large pool of clients?    Lockhart Law Firm does not handle high volume  of cases.  Ms. Lockhart will  give you  individualized attention and work directly with you so that we know your story and we can tell your story to a jury.
  1. Can you make a difference?  At Lockhart Law Firm we believe in every case and hope to make a difference in our client’s life.  Sometime it might be policy changes at a nursing home.  At Lockhart Law Firm we want to make a difference.
  1. Can you afford a lawyer?  Lockhart Law Firm works with clients to make the legal system accessible to everyone.

Don’t be a number, your life and those of your loved ones may depend on  choosing the right lawyer.