It can be difficult to determine if a family member is being abused in a nursing home if that person cannot communicate.  Patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or nursing home patients that just  cannot verbally  express words are at the highest  risk for abuse.

There are some simple pro-active steps family members can take to identify or prevent nursing home abuse.  The most important and easiest is to visit and visit frequently and unannounced.  Go  visit the nursing home at different times and different days.    Ask questions of the nursing home staff.  Observe the smell and the “feel” of the nursing home.  Ask to see the annual survey of the nursing home from the State of Texas.

Talk to the nurses aides.

Talk to the servers in the dining room.

Talk to the janitor staff.

Talk to everyone every time you visit the nursing home.

Be friendly.  Not accusatory.  Just visit with the nursing home staff as if you were visiting with your neighbor.  How are you?  How is my mom?  How long have you worked here?  Do you like your job?    Don’t make it an interrogation…..just a visit.  Sometimes the nursing home staff  will give you notice directly or indirectly that something is wrong.  Talk.  Talk to everyone.  Get to know the staff of the nursing home on a first name basis.   Visit frequently.  Talk and get to know the other residents of the nursing home.   It is so important to protect the most valuable asset we have and that is our family.

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